diving programs

Are you certified diver or beginer who wants to try for first time ? Our diving programs are suitable for everyone, either you want to learn the basics of scuba diving and explore for the first time the underwater world, further practice your skills or enjoy exploration dives in amazing sites. Moreover, with our night dives, all the sea lovers will have the unique chance to explore and observe the breathtaking aquatic life that you never see during the daytime, while enjoying the tranquillity and clarity of the sea at night.
Join today Horizon Diving programs, try scuba diving, build your skills with us or live the thrill of night diving!


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Try scuba diving

This entry-level program is the best way to try scuba diving for the first time, as no prior experience is required. It is addressed to the whole family (kids over 8 y.o) and introduces you to the underwater world in shallow waters and a confined and safe environment. You will learn the basic skills of scuba diving, before you get a chance to explore the amazing Cretan Sea, always well looked after by one of our instructors.

This diving program will take place either on the coast of Hersonissos (Limanakia) or Mononaftis beach.

Pick up time: 9:30 or afternoon
Approximately duration: 4 hours


€ 90

Exploration dives

Exploration dives are addressed to certified divers who wants to explore the underwater treasures of Cretan sea. Historical and mondern shipwrecks, airplanewrecks, underwater caves, amazing reefs with unique sea life and crystal clear water are just a few of the amazing dives sites of the island.

Enjoy private premium services with your buddy, friends or family and dive in the most famous sites of the island. Choose between shore dives , boat dives or road trips for diving in South Crete .

We also offer refresh dives for divers who have been inactive for a long time, usually more than 6 months. In this program, we aim to refresh your diving skills in relatively shallower water, so that you can perform a deeper or a boat dive next time, safely and with confidence! Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable again with the equipment and remember the whole diving process and skills.

Exploration dives can take place in the area of Mononaftis with car or in Dia Island , Hersonissos and Fodele by our 9-meter luxury rib boat. An other choice is our private road trips to South Crete for wreck or cave diving in amazing sites.

Pick up time: 9:30 or afternoon
Approximately duration: 3 hours

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€ 50

Night Diving

Diving below the surface of the sea at night is a totally challenging and fascinating experience that any certified diver should try at least once in their lifetime. Explore the colorful and mysterious beauty of marine life, while appreciating the calmness of the sea at night. If you are curious to see what happens underwater after the sun goes down, book a night dive with us at Hersonissos (Limanakia) or Mononaftis beach!

Pick up time: 17:00 – 18:00 (depends on the sunset time)

Approximately duration: 3 hours


€ 75